Monday, July 25, 2005

My j-o-b

Woman's legs jumping in yellow shoes

That is one of the posters adorning my very own cubicle at work. The other poster I couldn't find an image for on the Corbis website (that is one of the stock photo companies we work with) - it features Andre 3000. I'm jealous that two of my coworkers got to Will Ferrell before I did. The poster in the makeshift hall outside my cubicle features a construction site with a sign saying "No Dumping." It faces a poster of a toilet fastened to the wall.

Yep a toilet as decoration for a work place. We get to be "creative" like that in Photo Research. Really it just means we get to act immature. My department is all fairly young and they have just undergone a change so many of us are new to the company and in various degrees of training. We can wear jeans and flip flops to work, listen to Ipods while surfing our computer databases for pictures like "A chicken has a beak" or "Make sure to wear sunglasses on sunny days to protect your eyes." (I've been working on a lot of K-2 books, haha). We take field trips around the building and to the library as part of our training.

It's not hard work but some concepts can be a challenge to find for the right price, that the designer/editor likes. This week alot of the projects I took over from the girl who left are nearing their due dates so I'm really busy all day. I am also setting up my first shoot with a group of kindergarteners for a series on conservation.

Basically I feel like I am back in school, only getting paid to be there and never doing homework.

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Kate said...

ooh i'm so proud of you! your new job sounds like a lot of fun! meanwhile, i just finished writing a long story about a office development. barf.

i'm envious! :)