Sunday, July 31, 2005

Move over, JFB

I've found Erica's soulmate. He's a big dork and he videotapes himself dancing to 80s-early 90s rap songs, assisted by white socks and an exercise ball. His 'wave' isn't as good as yours, Erica.

Seriously, check him out. I ain't got nuttin on this brotha.


ericasue said...

HAHAHAHA oh my god. I'm dying of laughter here. I was shouting "no no don't sex me up."

Thanks for sharing

ericasue said...

I had an overwhelming desire to share this website with Jay Leno. So I emailed the Tonight Show.

I wonder if Jay will be snarky enough or if I should have sent it to Conan. Someone else feel free to send it to him. haha.

ericasue said...

P.S. Jay's having the creators of the website "Crying While Eating" on this week, so there's a good chance The Daily Dancer could get on. He'll have to thank the 20 Narry blog for his success.

Daily Dancer said...

I must say the "Crying While Eating" guys had a good idea for spreading quickly. From the date on the site, they don't seem to still be in business, though. Thanks for sending my site to Jay. I appreciate it.
- Daily Dancer