Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oh, the places you'll go!

This post is dedicated to the TOP TEN fun things me and Jenn are going to do when she comes to Nashville in like two weeks.

10) Go to the honky tonk bars and watch Jenn interact with Redneck Women (that one should be worth the trip alone)

9) After said honky tonk bars, get a taxi driver to take us on a tour of all the fast food joints that stay open for 24 hours- Jack in the Box, White Castle, Krystal... I know what you're saying, Jenn. Are these fast food restaurants or children's toys? Rest assured, they have chicken. But KFC will NOT still be open, Jenn, so keep your clothes on and don't ask.

8) We will cherish the expressions on the faces of the professional karaoke crowd out here when we put it down with "Magic Stick"

7) I will drive Jenn through the projects early in the morning so she can see them. Then, I will patiently explain to her that WE CANNOT GO THERE AT NIGHT FOR FUN! THEY SHOOT PEOPLE!

6) We will spoon on my aero mattress, albeit down a Guat :-( , and this time folks, my new roommate will NOT be having sex in the same room! Sorry for all you thrill seekers.

and the number one fun thing me and Jenn are going to do in Nashville in two weeks when she comes:

1) you think I'm going to give it up that easy? Ha! You'll have to come to find out for yourselves! OK, granted that two of you already came and it's only been three weeks but CAN'T YOU ALL JUST MOVE HERE?!?!


Jenn said...

Pedicures. We are getting pedicures. I can't wait to see how the down-south Asians do it.

Kate said...

oh god i have been DYING for a pedicure. maybe i can get one today and I'll still need another in two weeks