Tuesday, August 16, 2005

and... we ate

Gail came down this weekend, and in true "us" fashion, we ate all there was to eat in Music City.

We did the fast food- Popeyes chicken and biscuits, little White Castle burgers. We did the southern thing- pulled pork and burgers. And, lest I forget... we did the upscale romantic thing. We went to the Melting Pot and ate fondue. Man, it was great. All these couples around us delicately dipping their strawberries into their swirls of chocolate... and I smacked myself right in the face with a chocolatey fruit. Gail drank leftover chocolate with a spoon and burned her mouth. And, we nearly peed our pants and ruined the ambience for everyone else but oh man, was that fun.

And, of course, we honkytonked. We hit up several bars and chatted up a couple (wannabe) cowboys. And, I borrowed her shirt feeling all proud of myself because it was cute... and I broke the strap. Oof. Picture me even wearing a strapless bra in the first place then picture me after one of the straps busts.


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