Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why? Because I like you

I've gotta be honest. I miss when we used to blog every day.

So, I've been thinking about perks that might get you all to write more. I contemplated a strip show reward, then remembered I'm 1,200 miles away without a Web cam. I thought about offering goodies, but I am broke. So here's where I ended up.

Honestly, I can't believe all my blogging teacher friends haven't started this. In a small way it's been done, but I think it should be done daily.

Writing prompts! Duh!

OK, I'll start. What was your favorite room in 20 narry and why?

While the bathroom's dirty deeds and the sleepovers on Erica's floor can't be overlooked, I have to say I always loved the living room most. Even in the winter when we had to cuddle under my electric blanket in tundra conditions, it was the only place we could all sit together (upright, that is).

I'd come home every day and bounce up the steps on the porch and peek into the window, that window Jenn broke into that time, to see who was on the couch. Often it was Betsy or Brian or Shaun.. or Shaun's guitar and amplifier, but no Shaun in sight. It was the first place I saw my friends when I got home and the first place people crashed when they came in the unlocked door to our house. And, of course, The Head lived there.



Betsy said...

I liked every room at 20 for a different reason. Kate's room had the perfect bed for spooning, you could find anything you needed labeled in Jenn's, Erica's had 2 closets that we all came out of, the living room had the head and the womb, fotch and never have i ever in the dining room, beer pong (and andy anderson) in the basement, bar 2 in the hall, "surprise" drinks in the kitchen, and many things we wish we could forget (and some that we do forget) in the bathrooms.

ericasue said...

My favorite room was the entry way! Whenever you came through that door you got a welcome! Especially if there was a party going on...and you were wearing a tiara.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I never leave a post on here because I never have anything really valuable to say... but I do enjoy reading these posts since they leave me with a happy feeling and rememberance of all teh fun times... Being a teacher, I;m all about the writing prompts.. and it actaully got me thinking... and I have to agree with Betsy... each room in the 20 Narry Household and surrounding area has a or a few special memories. The porch.. always a good spot to throw your shoe off an hope someone will pick it up and hey you meet a new friend...That was supposed to happen in DC, right Erica? Anyways... the porch was a good place for drunken conversation or observing drunk passer-bys. I love the bathroom for all its heart to hearts and the beautiful decor of alcoholic beverages...I love the basement, home to the Cathy beiruit table...still in your trunk Jenn? or Gone 4-eva? I also remember at the last 20 narry party (tear) sitting in the backseat of Jenn's volvo with 4 others and the front seat was like a revolving door... every five minutes someone new was in there. I love the living room for hosting "THe Brian P radios show.." and playing "Fotch" and "Never Have I Ever." I could go on and on... because I really miss those fun times... but I have to head back to Jurrassic Park... aka NH... Anyways I had this great idea that the 20 Narry Girls, once they have made a mass fortune, or married someone with one, should buy 20 Narry from Hilda and forever preserve the Good Times and host Reunion Weekends forever and ever there... Ok I am done.

Cathy :)

Kate said...

Ohhhh, always post! never don't!