Monday, April 18, 2005

Holla back youngins

My apologies for lack of posts. I spent the weekend in sunny Hartford at a writer's conference which was very cool. Heard some super speakers and got super-inspired to be a super-journalist. In other news, though, some random fun facts:

During a banquet tonight, I sat next to the publisher of my paper who I happened to know, knows Miss M and the mysterious Zup. So I name dropped a bit and discussed with him "House," a.k.a. the Glen. "Ah, the Glen that burnt down," he said. We then spent a bit of time discussing whether the house was burned down by a candle, Indians or electrical malfunction.

In the event it was electrical, since Miss M built the new house on the very same foundation, the publisher advised me that I should either sleep on the first floor or plan an escape route. He said it takes quite some time to burn through the roof, so I should plan to just stay up there until the firefighters arrive or maybe shimmy down the decks.

When asked what Zup's real name is, the publisher said R. Campbell. Well, where on God's green earth did Zup come from, I asked. He looked at me incredulously.

"Have you seen the guy? He's a Zup if I ever saw one. What a character. I mean, his clothing!"

Zup was in fact a CIA agent, and he apparently spent the Vietnam era in Southeast Asia, running the mountains with the rebels or something.

"Oh, he's got some STORIES," the publisher said. "And boy, don't get on his bad side."

Duly noted.

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Betsy said...

So what you're saying is all those prank calls made to Zup on previous reunion weekends was probably bad, although hilarious at the time, idea?