Thursday, April 21, 2005

Nashville, thou art a dream

Where I am: on my bed
Where I should be: getting off a plane in Nashville

Temperature here: 43.5 degrees
Temperature there: high of 78 degrees

Conclusion: if I am not in Nashville, then my fat ass may as well go to the gym and work myself into a frenzy.

Not to worry- I am still going for the interview, but it has been postponed to next week. Of course, this throws a kink into a number of things, including my work schedule, my mother's birthday, my grandmother's 80th birthday party, reunion weekend, picking up erica j. and betsy at the airport and getting a dogsitter, but hey, I'm flexible.

The REAL downside to this is I had myself all psyched up and ready, and now I feel quite relaxed. I think this may be a bad thing, since now I'm more worried about the job I currently have. I started planning a story the other day, and opened the stupid ProJo the next day where my story idea was plastered on their South County edition. Now I have to figure out how to do it better. Stupid ProJo. What's with this competition shit anyway? That's not my bag.


ericasue said...

It's even worse when you work at a weekly and the daily paper in Bemidji comes over and covers all the interesting events and stories. They'll put something in the next day and ours won't show up until the nearest Thursday.

But I'm not one for competition anyway. I'm sure you'll pull out something terrific.

ericasue said...

Also I'm glad to hear you'll be back saturday afternoon! I was afraid you wouldn't make it at all! And that weather out in Newport better be nice and warm.