Thursday, March 31, 2005


I'm freaking out, so please excuse me if I don't make any sense. I just got off the phone with the editor at the Nashville paper. When I called, the secretary asked if I wanted to leave a message and I told her my name and she said, "Oh, didn't he call you yesterday?"
"No," I said, "I talked to him over the weekend though."
"Oh, well he's in a meeting but I'm going to go pull him out of it, hold on."

He came on the phone and thanked me for my package and for sending it so expiditiously (overnighted, at the brilliant suggestion of Betsy). He said he can see a lot of talent in my work and a lot of growth, and he's working with a lot of reporters over the years and can see me going places. (ME?!?!?) Then, he said he's glad he's gotten hold of me before the Boston Globe and New York Times are out looking for me. (MEEE?!?!?!??!?!??!) He said he's definitely interested and he'll be in touch to get me down there to discuss my long-term goals and possibilities with the paper.

The whole time, I was internally screaming, and thinking "holy crap, I hope he can't hear me squealing because I think it's internal but it might be leaking out."

He really means me? He means ME?!?!??!?!


And for the record, I was asked (by Brian) whether I sent a picture with my package, on account of the editor being a big intelligent African-American man. No, you assholes.



ericasue said...

HURRAY! :D Those guys at the Globe and Times will be kicking themselves!

Betsy said...

I am pretty smart huh? :p

Anonymous said...

Was just passing through the world of blogs and I couldn't help but notice how cool it was that you may get a job with the Boston Globe or the NY Times!! Those papers rock!
I bookmarked this blog so i'll stop by and say hey again real soon.
Peace out.

Kate said...

For the record... if I haven't made myself clear, the job i am looking into is not actually with the Globe or Times. the editor just said he's glad he's scooped me up before they did (and I must say, their scooping me up is several years down the road)