Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Teal is the new black, I hear

I'm starting to think a week is the new two days.

When did men start getting the idea that a week is an appropriate time frame to wait to call a girl? I don't know about everyone else, but after three or four days, I forget and lose interest. What brings this on, you ask? Sidney, of course!

Sidney = another name on the list of wierd foreign men who leave odd messages on my answering machine. I met him last week at the Kell's in Boston; he's a little Brazilian dude with braids and a sideways trucker hat. Cute. We danced all night and made out a little. He asked me if I was thirsty and gave me the rest of his beer, and handed me one of those sticker nametags to write my phone number on. I don't know where he got that.

Of course the next morning I slapped my forehead when the hangover wore off and thought "why did you give another man your number who has another primary language? It never works!" But alas. I did. So he just called, a week later, and leaves the following message in a Brazilian accent:

"Hi Kate, it's Sidney. Call me back, OK? Bye. oh, thank you."

With a message like that you'd think I know the guy, and wonder why he's thanking me.

P.S. I can't carry this blog forever. Get off your asses and post!


Jenn said...

Kate you should never drink from anyones beer especially a foreigner with braids and a sideways trucker hat. Who knows what date rape drug he could have used!!! Maybe THAT would explain the sticky name tags he used... hahah

Kate said...

Funny, I was thinking about date rape drugs when he handed me his beer. But I was broke, and I drank it anyway. Is that wrong?

Betsy said...

I'm glad that Jenn brought up the date rape situation because it was the first thing I was thinking as I read it.

Erica said...

i just thought of a really good pickup line..."hey can i buy you a drink...can i slip a ruffy in it?"