Friday, March 04, 2005

More space for me to blab!

Oh I am happy to be here! For once my junk mail held an amazing treasure. I've never used Blogger so we shall see how this turns out. I've been writing a blog to keep me occupied since August its over at LiveJournal: belledame_merci (from the Keats poem, good name at the time but I'm having my doubts lately). Just something to amuse me and maybe you too.

When all of you are in Newport next weekend please drink, I mean think, of me. I wish I could be there too. Hopefully some of you will be interested in returning in April? I'm not positive when.

How's this for a memory: Taking the #60 bus to Providence on a Thursday evening and having no idea where to go, so I went along with a group of y'all to Bar One. That is one of my early memories of hanging with the 20 Narry girls, before there was a 20 Narry. Also I think you guys every day that I travel to Cass Lake to cover a story, because I pass a sign for the exit to a small town named... Nary.


Kate said...

I heart Bar One and any time you joined us!!!

I wish you could come to Newport next weekend but I do promise drunken phone calls.

ericasue said...

drunken phone calls would be much appreciated I assure you.

Betsy said...

And you KNOW that I always drunk dial you!