Thursday, March 03, 2005

A potato by any other name

This is my confession. I still can't cook.

At 20 Narry, I was notorious for eating raw noodles because that meant I didn't have to put them in a pot; here at "House" I failed at making Ketatoes.

No, not potatoes... ketatoes are imitation potatoes made from soy or something. All I had to do was dump this Job Lot powder into boiling water and bam, there should be Ketato. But alas, no ketatoes to be had, just soupy sweet potato-like stuff that I dumped into Marianne's toilet. I'm sure I'll hear about that when her john backs up.

(Insert bad British accent here) "Kaaate, have you beeen bahhh-fing in my twa-let? There's baa-hf or summthing in the twa-let. You must clean UP betta, raaaaaally."

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