Sunday, March 06, 2005

What makes me laugh every time

Random memories: following are two memories that I can't help but crack up every time I envision them. Like picture me with tears streaming down my face when I tell these stories and nobody else knows why they're so funny, but I can picture them and they're still hysterical.
  1. Last February, a certain Ma I know was celebrating her birthday. Now, I know Betsy already touched upon this memory but in light of the upcoming reunion weekend, I have to elaborate. I was talking outside to a certain naval officer and trying to find a reason not to let him drive me home. Betsy had just finished making out with a basketball player or two as I said, "no we are going to walk." Cue Betsy, jumping up and down and screaming "I MADE OUT WITH SAM ADAMS I MADE OUT WITH SAM ADAMS!!!" On a treacherous sidewalk like Thames Street, sure enough she jumped up and down right into a pothole.

"I MADE OUT WITH (thump)... waaaaa my annnnnkle"

The naval officer looked at me with a cocky grin.

"She wan't walk on that ankle, I'll have to give you a ride."

Limp limp limp into one of my more memorable mistakes. But damn, that was funny shit.

2. Jenn was flailing around in her room on her rolly chair and went garral-ing into the hallway. She worked up some speed across her room and headed for Erica's.... (thwack) Chair tipped over, Jenn everywhere. Yeaaaa she forgot the small incline in Erica's doorway and lay sprawled there while I tried not to pee myself.




Jenn said...

My email is down at home... so here I am at 8 am Monday morning cracking up over the posts tears rolling down my cheeks (yup I even drooled a little bit) as 19 little ethnic children enter the clasroom, "MISS PAOLOZZI WHATS THE MATTER!!" As I'm desperately trying to catch my breath... ok kids lets go look at some pictures of dolphins (which I had to bring in cause Roger my child prodigy knows what echolation is.... look it up cause I had to) 4 days till reunion weekend kids... count em

Erica said...

You forgot the time that Jenn forgot to turn off her alarm...It was set for our 8:30 FRIDAY education class and when it went off at 7:45 on SATURDAY morning needless to say she was a bit shocked and also disoriented...all of a sudden jenn springs out of her lofted bed wearing her party outfit from the night before complete with a bright pink sweater, her favorite jeans, sparkly belt and pink pumas. She lands flat on her ass scrambles to her feet looks around and bolts out the door...only to return 30 seconds later once she remembered where she was and the day...who was she kidding she wasnt going to class with that hangover anyways

Kate said...

That of course makes me laugh every time as well, I just didn't want to overstay my welcome