Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Oodles of Googles

I googled "Tom Toohey" for the hell of it. I was curious. There were 206 results but none were this blog. There were Salve baseball roster/scores that came up.

Did you know that if you google "20 Narry" the second entry is Kate's lovely farewell article. I remember sitting in New Media class on one of the first days when DHL was talking about search engines and how you have to submit your webpage to be included in Google. She said its something Mosaic should consider, and Kate goes "oooh yeah I just did it." Kate you were very on top of things like that for the paper.

And since I brought it up can we please talk about the poor editing of Mosaic Online this year? No offense to the current staff should they be reading this. But we always took such pains to make it at least look the same with consistent font size and proper line breaks even if it we missed a spelling or punctuation on occasion.

Today's issue had
an article missing its ending:
"From the assortment of muffins and scones to the moist and ap"
I don't know about you but I want to figure out what "the moist and ap..." is.

Random Memory: Well why type it out when you can
go read it and relive the genius moment!


ericasue said...

Awww you know what, now that girl who wrote the missing conclusion article will have lots of reads and think she is great. Sorry girlie!

Jenn said...

that is such a clever blog title... oodles of googles! haha! (simple things imporess simple minds)

Betsy said...

I have been saying for months now that the current Mosaid just does NOT live up to the high standard set by the editors last year. And I admit, that I also googled Tom Toohey immediatly following my post yesterday and got about the same results as Erica. I even went so far as to google tom+toohey+heros+legends. To no avail...there was no hint of our blog.

Betsy said...

Please disregard my awful typo in my last comment. I obviously meant Mosaic, not Mosaid. I'm typing in the dark and it's hard to see my keys!

Kate said...

I'm not sure if there's something in the settings of the blog that I have to change to make it google-able, but you know I've already submitted our URL like 15 times (much like the Mosaic's). And I will refrain from any discussion of the current paper because I haven't been reading it much, but hey, when the bar is set so high, they are destined to disappoint :) By the way Erica, I totally forgot about that post-it day. That was funny... what was it that pissed off Dr. Keenan again?

ericasue said...

I believe Dr. Keenan took offense to one of our Post-its that said something along the lines of going to the site rather than doing something for class. But you assured her that we didn't mean her class.

ericasue said...

To be fair Betsy has brought up the lesser quality of Mosaic many times to me. Its all I can do to control myself from logging in and doing some light editing.

Honestly I haven't been reading it closely. It comes to my email and I skim through it but nothing has really impressed me much.

Betsy said...

I am a weekly reader and every week I am even more disappointed by the disgustingly lacking quality.