Saturday, March 05, 2005

Make room on the bandwagon

Embarassing me in hysterical ways seems to be the tone of the day, so let me save you all some time.

Places Kate has puked:
  • Town Hall on her first day having a 'real job'
  • In her closet, directly in the laundry basket and surrounding areas
  • On a coworker's couch after too many tequila shots
  • On Brian, Dani and probably Jenn and Erica at some point
  • On a Lexus

Probably too embarassing to repeat, but I will:

  • Chased after Joel repeating "you are so hot," puked all night, then kicked her leg through an important press conference and promptly slept in her car at the Tiverton police station parking lot.
  • Dated Josh again (self explanatory)
  • That night someone in her room was 'heard' throughout the house when he really shouldn't have been there in the first place... the next day she fell asleep in the fridge at work and called Jenn and Erica from the payphone and said "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God."
  • On her giddy 22nd birthday in New Orleans, a still drunk Kate (and Erica, for that matter) told strangers on the airport shuttle that if she were on death row, she would request Popeye's chicken and mashed potatoes as her last meal.

That oughtta tide you over.

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