Friday, March 25, 2005

I have been up for 4 hours already this morning, sent out a few resumes, read all my blogs and online news, so now I'll make a post while I wait to go do errands.

I was supposed to do a story with the president of the bank in Cass Lake today. I was given this assignment yesterday evening after the bank closed so I woke up early this morning to call the bank to make arrangements. I spoke with a woman there who put me on hold and promptly came back to tell me the president has declined doing an interview. How about a last day photo? No, he'd rather not. Could I ask you for a little information about how long he's worked there and such? I don't really know that but I can find someone who will call you back. After a little discussion with the newspaper's other reporter (there are only 2 full-time reporters and then me) I didn't get information on why the guy is leaving just a statement on what will be happening.

It is apparently good enough for them so I guess it is good enough for me. But now it's only noon and I have to figure out what to do with my day. I will probably do some more resumes and reading unless there are any other suggestions? :)

Oh look what Salve's doing now: Students publish their academic records with ePorfolios
And look DHL immortalized in a sample porfolio for all of the world wide web to see. I particularly like this quote from the sample:
"If nothing else, this is teaching me that I was definitely meant to be a journalistic writer...this scholarly crap is not for me."
Ah to be in thesis class once again.


Kate said...

Ha! That's exactly what my thesis taught me... :)

And I see you're experiencing the wonders of secretaries. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all have someone else answer our phone and tell people whether or not we feel like talking?

ericasue said...

Haha yes I would love a secretary but basically my mom does that anyways :)