Thursday, March 31, 2005

I haven't posted any photos yet so here are some random ones that I'm sure we'll all appreciate.

First up, our very first Reunion Weekend. The 20 Narry girls really loved those cones. Where are they now? Are they well taken care of?

We went to the Pelham for Brian's 21st birthday and on our way home, or Via Via, he had me stop and snap a pic of him and Kate in the gazebo next to the Newport Blues Cafe. I just remember him being really enthusiastic about it.

And just in case Anonymous really is Joe Lomastro I wanted him to feel special with his very own picture. He really loved living on a floor with 35 girls keeping him up all night. Oh Miley.

Random Memory (that really only Mel and Erin would get but I don't think they are aware of this blog): Hanging out in my and Mel's room with Erin and Joe was sitting at Mel's computer singing songs. One of which was "Lets Get it On" and Erin telling him he sounded like Jack Black at the end of High Fidelity.


Betsy said...

All we need to do is find a picture of Sister Marianna and we're set!

Betsy said...

Also...I remember Joe and his singing as well. He always picked the most interesting songs to sing.

Erica said...

3 words to go with that last picture WALL OF IRONY