Thursday, March 31, 2005

Random thoughts at bedtime

Since random thoughts are trendy today...
1) I successfully used the word "caboose" today in a story. OK, fine, it was a story about a train.
2) My yard is a venerable wildlife sanctuary and houses several varieties of birds' nests, including various birds of prey like a hawk and I think even some kind of eagle. One bird, however *definitely more like a titmouse than a bird of prey* seems to be nocturnal and tweets an average of once per minute at night. Does anyone know a bird with a sweet twitter who is nocturnal, and also how I can kill it?
3) Why do the dogs only pee in the house once the Divine Miss M has left the country? She probably thinks I'm lying, but they seriously start peeing in the house as soon as her British ass hits the end of the driveway. Now I leave for two hours and they've shit up the garage. What the f?

4) F!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I've been informed that this nighttime twittering must be the work of bats, since apparently the fruity ones sound bird-like. Frig.

Ace Ventura 2 is brought to mind... I shall call it "Shikaka"