Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Here I am!

Oh, hello! Pardon my absence, I haven't been able to produce any logical thoughts since Saturday that don't have to do with Nashville. What was that? You don't know what I'm talking about because I DIDN'T call you screaming yet? My bad, I thought I called everyone.

It may not turn out to be anything to get excited about. But I got a call from the editor at the Tennessean in Nashville saying he liked the stuff I sent him and he wanted me to send another package with more stuff. No, I didn't send him a kite with my panties attached (Josh!); he liked my writing! He's a big black dude. I'm SO in.

So, my mind has been swirling with the possibilities, although I've unfortunately told my present employer I will stay on another year. Oh well, they would deal. Besides, this paper is exactly 14.08 times the size of mine in circulation, and I'm still secretly thinking they called me by accident. That is pretty huge- think twice the size of the ProJo- and truth be told, it's probably out of my league. Also, it's a religion reporting job... turns out that religious studies minor might turn out to be worth more than just extra classes with Dr. Cowdin. Pray he likes this stuff and calls for an interview!

Random memory: I was job hunting last spring and wanted nothing more than manila envelopes and big Sharpies to address them. Jenn later bought me two of them, mostly so I would stop taking hers but it really touched me.


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ericasue said...

Betsy told me about the Nashville prospect. At first she made me guess what section but I couldn't be sure...I was thinking maybe this paper had a special Rap Music section or something ;)

I think the Newport Daily News would deal with it and that you would do wonderfully as a religion reporter. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.